Some people call this time of season spring. But for others it's something else. It's Garage Sale time!

Traffic will pick up around the city during the early morning hours. After all, if you wander up to the garage sale at 8:00 A.M.,'re way too late, baby! The good stuff is gone, gone, gone!

So you snoop around a bit, through the old clothes, the slightly broken chairs, the wobbly end table, that dusty box of a bunch of old video games. Not much left, right?


That dusty box of old video games could be golden.

The Gamer is reporting that those old video games, along with other 'old' video game paraphernalia, has become collectible. And when I say 'collectible', what I really mean is valuable.

As an example, remember Atari? I do, I remember getting my kids an Atari and thought there would be nothing more whizz-bang good than this! Gee, seems like yesterday.

Well, it wasn't yesterday, it was years ago and now those consoles, games and joy-sticks have come back around and can be worth some good size bucks. In fact, if the young 'un was smart enough to keep the box the game came in (chances are they didn't), the box can be worth a small fortune.

And that's just the beginning. Check out the vintage video story here and the next garage sale you're at, see if you can't find some old dusty video game gold.

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