As the world keeps changing around us by the day, and major adjustments in life just become the new normal, where do we get a break on something? Well hey, maybe this will do just fine!

How about a new work schedule for you? Now wait before you jump off the deep end on this, hear me out. The change will mean a constant three day weekend for you!

Now I know that I've got your attention. Microsoft Japan conducted a month-long experiment in which employees were asked to work four days a week. The results were positive for both the company and the employees.

The "Work Life Choice Challenge", kicked off in August. All 2,300 employees were given three-day weekends in order to fully assess the pros and cons of working fewer hours. Employees were still paid for the Fridays they were not working during the experiment.

Compared to August 2018, employee productivity jumped 40 percent and electricity usage decreased by 23 percent. Could this concept make it's way to us?

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