You love your hometown. Your hometown is the greatest place on earth. There's nowhere you'd rather live than right there, in your hometown. The neighbors are fantastic. The people in town are the friendliest you've ever met. The school is great, the businesses are fine, the whole town is nothing but beautiful.

But there is that one thing.

It stinks.

Seriously, the odor in town is awful. It literally smells like 'rancid dog food'.

That's what Josh Harms has been telling the world about his hometown, Sibley, Iowa. And the city isn't happy about it.

According to the Associated Press, he was threatened by city officials with legal action for saying Sibley smelled like 'rancid dog food' on a website. But a federal judge said hold on, he has every right to express his view. Josh was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, who filed suit to block Sibley officials from suing him. And the court agreed, prohibiting further threats and awarding him damages.

So what's the stink all about?

The odor comes from Iowa Drying and Processing...they make a high-protein animal food supplement from pig blood. And apparently, the smell is not the best aroma.

So Josh can continue to express his view and raise a stink about the stink.

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