I've had a lot of different cars and vehicles through the years. I mean a bunch!

Some were absolutely great. Others? Well, not so much. Once upon a time, I drove around in an old beat-up bread truck for a year or so. Yes, a bread truck. And another time I was the proud owner of an old Rambler Ambassador that didn't have any paint on it. That charmer blew up on Interstate 90 right outside New Underwood, South Dakota. A tow truck driver pulled me into town and because it had a decent battery he gave me $50.00 for it and I was on my way.

How did I end up with an old beat-up bread truck and a paintless Rambler? Well, those stories best are told over a cold brew at the local watering hole.

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The point is, those beauties were talking to me. In fact, they were screaming at me but I didn't know what they were saying. And the vehicle you have, no matter old or new, it's talking to you, too. And it's best if you know the language and listen.

What's your car telling you? Well, it depends.

I have better cars these days, better because I'm in a different situation and because I've learned to listen to what the Malibu and the G6 are saying. Truth be known, I don't know much about those cars, but I do understand their language.

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