I first came to Sioux Falls as a kid.

Living an hour or so away, it seems like we would make a trip to Sioux Falls about twice a year. Maybe once for back-to-school shopping and maybe once for Christmas shopping. Now, this was back in the day when, if memory serves (and sometimes it's a bit off), there was a big KMART right down about 41st and Minnesota Ave. That store seemed to be just about the biggest in the world and a young farm boy could spend an hour or two or three just in the toy department alone.

And dad and mom would take us downtown for clothes shopping...I'm talking about the days when J.C. Penny was there and THE place to go. It's where I saw my first ever escalator. Technology would never get better than moving stairs!

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And now these many decades later, the fact is I've lived here in Sioux Falls now for well over twenty years. Kmart is gone, Penny's isn't downtown and the escalator isn't quite as magical as it used to be. I suppose it's what is called progress.

From a population of a little over 70,000 in 1970, Sioux Falls is now in the 200,000 ballpark. So if I had to describe Sioux Falls in one word, that word would be...


Oh, there could be a whole bunch of other "one words" I could use. Vibrant. Beautiful. Progressive. Home.

With the "growing" of course comes growing pains. I've heard some of the older folks (in other words, people about my age) say..." Sioux Falls was better back when...". And I get it. Heck, I find myself saying things like "Music was better back when...", "TV was better back when...", "Cars were better back when...".

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was all better 'back when'. It comes with age. You younger folks will be saying the same thing, trust me.

And so back to the question: Describe Sioux Falls in one word.

Ready, set, go!

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