I have been putting off getting new tires longer than a person probably should during a South Dakota winter.

Delaying the wallet sting of a new set of tires is something I think most people can relate to. You don't want to drive around on tires that are not safe, but you also want to squeeze every mile out of the tread that you can.

While I'm waiting for my new tires to be put on my truck a friend of mine sent me this new study about young drivers not being able to recognize the tire pressure symbol.

From the USA Today story: "In fact, 49 percent of young drivers and 39 percent of all drivers were unable to recognize the warning light at all, the survey found."

To read the entire USA Today story click here.

It's easy to shake your head and say: darn kids, I used to have to rely on a tire pressure gauge and no fancy computer symbols for my tire pressure!

But is this really that alarming or even better could you have identified the symbol if you didn't know what you were looking for?

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