There are many necessities a person is most comfortable having when driving their car. Phone, snacks, white plastic bag, water, winter survival kit, whoa backup! Why do you need a white plastic bag?

Dave Roberts TSM
Dave Roberts TSM

If you have kids it's obvious to carry a bag for gathering kid trash. Best to have one of those grocery store plastic bags handy for snot rags too.

But I'll bet you didn't know those bags can play an important role in your car's safety and security.

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Even though several cities across the country have banned plastic bags due to the fact they are made with petroleum and end up littering towns and clogging storm drains and recycling machinery, one plastic bag can save you a lot of heartaches if your car becomes stalled along the highway.

Here's why. Should you have to leave your vehicle alongside the road for any reason, make sure to tie a white plastic bag or a white towel to the outside mirror.

Chances are most people, law enforcement included who come by will automatically realize that the owner is returning and not to have the car towed.

Sure we cuss to ourselves when the wind blows and you see ditches and trees littered with plastic bags. The next time you see one, look around in your car and locate that spare. Just in case.


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