Now that the dust has settled over last weekends conference championship games, we now know that Philadelphia and New England will play for the title at Super Bowl 52 and since Super Sunday is the most popular day of the year to order pizza, Pizza Hut just launched their latest promotion to give you a chance to win some free pizza!

According to CNBCPizza Hut will give away free medium two-topping pizzas to Hut Reward members if the record for the fastest touchdown is broken on Super Bowl Sunday. This means any part of the game!

All you gotta do is sign up for Pizza Hut's loyalty program before the big game. The record was set by Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester in 2007 after he returned the opening kickoff 92 yards in 14 seconds. Since 2011, there have been 15 touchdowns scored in the first 14 seconds of a game, including regular season and playoffs, According to PRNewswire.

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