Go ahead, rub your eyes to make sure you read that right, I'll wait.

This is no joke. One Minnesota Airline is offering the cheapest flights imaginable, but these prices won't be around forever.

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Credit: Nick Morales via Unsplash
Credit: Nick Morales via Unsplash

Sun Country Airlines offers flights to a number of hubs around the country, but its flight to the Denver International Airport from January 19 through February 15 is at an astonishingly low rate.

For just 39 bucks, you can book a one-way flight to Denver during this time period. Now, I know what you're thinking. Denver isn't exactly a "Winter Getaway" for most of us. However, it offers plenty of fun amenities during the colder months. And, it almost goes without saying that Colorado is arguably the best place in the U.S. for skiing.

But if Denver isn't your thing, the airline is also offering cheap flights to places like Phoenix, Arizona, and Orlando, Florida as well.

Check out their website, Sun Country Airlines to see the rates.

Story Source: Sun Country Airlines Website

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