With today (6/20/27) being World Productivity Day, it made me wonder if productivity in the world is actually up or down? I argue it's down and here's why.

Two words - social media. Take a moment and look around your workplace. How many of your co-workers are on their smart phones? I'll bet a bunch.

Think about how much time we spend on our phones each and every day - even while we're at work. We'd be shocked if we knew the answer.

And I'm as guilty as the next guy. I try to cut back, I really do, but I'm addicted - addicted to my smart phone. I'm constantly checking it.

I once heard someone compare smart phones to slot machines. Just one more pull - just one more check of the phone to see if I have any new "likes" or "comments."

Because of social media, I would argue productivity is down across the board. I have nothing to base it on, just observations while I'm out and about in the community.

I see so many people with their nose buried in their phone. Think how much more we could accomplish if we just turned our phones off for a portion of the day.

I actually have some friends who have dis-connected from all social media - and they claim they've never been happier.

Two of them even went back to using their old flip phones so they woudn't be tempted to "check in" on their apps.

I don't know if I'm ready for that drastic of a measure, but I'm surely ready to cut back on my social media use.

So, here's a heads-up if we're connected somehow through social media. You'll be seeing and hearing less of me during these upcoming months.

I'm going to try to cut back while it's nice outside. Hopefully, I'll be able to carry it over into the fall and winter months as well.

Who knows, maybe the next time you see me I'll be using an old-fashioned flip phone. Second thought - let's first see how the summer goes.

See you OUTSIDE!!!

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