There were so many new words and phrases that were used throughout the year 2020.  Well, I for one have grown weary of hearing words associated with the pandemic like  "fluid" and "new normal."  Those words should be banned from our vocabulary for the year.  Many others think so too along with some additional words from 2020.

Lake Superior State University just released its annual Banished Words List for 2021.  As most readers would guess, COVID-19 terminology tops this year's list. It’s truly no surprise in Lake Superior State University's list, seven out of the top ten words or phrases are related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The top ten words or phrases on this year's Banished Words List certainly reflect the sign of the times and another page in our history books.  Actually...more like a historical novel.


Thanks to Lake Superior State University's research, the following words and phrases are hereby banned for the year 2021:


  1. COVID-19 (COVID, coronavirus, Rona): COVID-19 has directly impacted everyone in some way.  We all wish this nightmare would end, so it makes sense to ban the words that haunt our dreams.
  2. Social Distancing: We were all separated from each other last year.  Although this phrase was very helpful in reminding others how to slow the spread of COVID, we long to be reunited with loved ones.
  3. "We're all in this together": To me, this just sounds like the "High School Musical" song.  We've all heard it many times throughout the pandemic, and it's just getting redundant.  We get me.
  4.  In an abundance of caution (various phrasings): Surprisingly, I didn't hear this phrase as often as the other phrases.  Lake Superior State University claims this phrase made the list because its meaning is just too "vague."
  5. In these uncertain times (various phrasings): Lives have been changed in more ways than one. Let's hope better and brighter times are ahead.
  6.  Pivot: The world had to readjust and find new methods to complete tasks at work, at home, and in life.  But, we can now just "pivot" this word into the trash can for the unforeseen future!
  7. Unprecedented: This word speaks for long unfriendly word!
  8. Karen: Basically, if you complained about every little thing that happened in 2020 you were a "Karen."  No offense to anyone really named Karen...
  9. Sus: Have you heard of the video game "Among Us?"  According to my mom, it’s extremely popular with her junior high students during indoor recess time! Short for "suspicious," the word comes from this trending game that allows players to identify the "sus imposters."  That's what I'm told.  I've never played the game and probably never will. 
  10.  "I know, right?": I've said this phrase more than I'd like to admit.  It must be a Millennial thing.

Lake Superior State University provides further explanation of the words and phrases on its list.  Click here to find out!


What words would you banish in 2021?

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