The older I get, the more ways there are to tell I'm getting, well, older. Getting out of bed in the morning? My joints sound like someone is pouring ice cold milk on a bowl of Rice Krispies. Looking in the mirror I see this old fella looking back at me that suspiciously resembles my dad. It's easy to clean my teeth with a cup and a tablet.

Oh, and maybe most of all, I check the obits daily. No, not to see if I'm in there, but see who I know that is.

Of course playing music on the radio for a couple decades more than a couple decades, I've watched artist after artist that I love leave the planet, some much too soon, others in old age. From Johnny Cash (9/12/03) to 'Ol Waylon (2/13/02), The Possum (4/26/13) to The Hag (4/6/16) and Keith Whitley (waaay back in 5/9/89), those people who so affected my life are gone.

So who will be the last man standing?

Here comes Willie.

Willie has a new album coming out soon and one of the great songs on the album asks that question. And in the great video below, Willie is what you might call undecided. You don't want to be the last man standing, do you?

Or do you??

Well, either way, one thing to me is for sure: I've loved Willie for decades, both as a writer and as America's premier song stylist. And at real close to 85 years old, that man has still got it. Bless your heart, Willie.

And the Good Lord willin', you'll still be putting out great music for years to come...and I'll still be playin' it.

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