Fans of The Beatles knew all about the band's music by the summer of 1964, but their love affair with the 'Fab Four' was truly solidified in that summer with the release of the band's first film 'A Hard' Days Night'.


Now, fifty years after it first arrived in theaters, a remastered version of the film is hitting the silver screen for a special one-night engagement on the Fourth of July.



The new release features an enhanced soundtrack, complete with a newly-created 5.1 surround mix that was overseen by producer Giles Martin, son of The Beatles' legendary producer George Martin, at the famed Abbey Road Studios.


So will we be lucky enough to get one of those special screenings in Sioux Falls?


Sadly, the answer is no.


The closest theaters are all a state away:


St. Anthony Main Theater - Minneapolis

Fleur Cinema - Des Moines

Ross Media Arts Center - Lincoln, NE


That doesn't mean you can't hold your own private screening.  A deluxe DVD/Blu-ray version hits stores June 24th.



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