Am I the only one this bothers? We all have our pet peeves and I guess this is mine. Either I am overreacting or this is a fast food ordering etiquette no-no.

There are some days I'm in such a hurry I base where I'm going to eat on how many people are in line. Sometimes I just can't wait in the long line and will try another spot on the way to where I'm heading or I may have to skip the meal and eat later.

Tuesday I see a small line with minutes to spare between my next meeting and think it's definitely a doable wait.

That is until the woman in front of me unfolds a note the size of a map of the United States. You know what's on the list. It's the orders of a bunch of picky eaters. The people on the list are co-workers, friends, family members or the entire pro football team they are ordering for. It can never be a simple order.

The people on the list are always wanting extra this, or that left off or something fried in magical Unicorn manes. Picky-list people.

My friend once told me: expectations are the breeding ground for resentments.

I think about that statement often in life, especially when I feel like I've expectantly hopped in a small fast food line.

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