One of the hottest new gaming systems is the Nintendo Switch, which was just released a few days ago. It is the seventh major home video game console developed by Nintendo.

If you are not familiar with it, you can pretty much play it anywhere. You can have it set up on your home television set or take it on the road with you like a Nintendo DS or even use much like the Nintendo Wii gamepad.

But there are rumors going around on the internet that gamers are actually licking the game cartridges!

Yes, that's right!

Unlike the early days of Nintendo where you had to blow into the cartridges to make them work, gamers today are licking the camera battery sized game cartridges.

You see, Nintendo has covered the games with a substance called denatomium benzoate. The reason why this substance is on the cartridges is to prevent small children and animals from putting the games in their mouths.

Parents use this stuff to stop children from biting their teeth and it tastes AWFUL, but gamers are licking the games!


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