So as I'm wandering, meandering and stumbling around the radio ranch here, occasionally different types of thoughts pop into my beautifully sculpted bald head. Things like 'I wonder how much a rainbow weighs' and 'I wonder if a turtle slows down for a speed bump', ya know, things like that.

Well, I was visiting with a fellow professional here and for some reason I popped out with 'Who's the most famous person you share your name with?' He said 'Hannibal Lector'. I'm not sure he understood the question and I slinked away.

For me, the first person who popped into my brain was Randy Owen. The lead singer of the biggest country band of the 80's and 90's, he and I share a moniker. I wasn't sure about others until I Googled it and...oh yeah, that's right, there's a few more like:

Randy Travis (embarrassing, that should have been first on my list)

Randy Orton & Randy Savage (wrestlers)

Randy Moss (Oh yeah)

Randy Jackson, Randy Johnson, Randy Quaid, Rockers Randy Meisner, Randy Bachman & Randy Rhoades and a whole lot more.

I checked for my name, they missed it.

But still, quite a few famous Randy's on the planet (or have been). How about you? Might be fun, especially if you have a somewhat unique name.

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