I'll try not to come off as an old guy on a soap box, but when we were kids we didn't accept challenges that resulted in obvious pain.

Okay, maybe once. But how was I to know that my Schwinn bicycle with banana seat and sissy bar couldn't jump a cattle ramp? I know that now.

Overall, it just wasn't that important to "prove" how tough you were. "Walk away," dad always said.

Those two wise words still ring true today.

One such popular popular trend among middle school students is the erasure challenge where students are dared to rub their skin really hard with an erasure while reciting the alphabet. The result - other than obvious pain - is an angry red burn on the skin which is susceptible to a myriad of infections.

The disturbing trend has also crossed to the internet where kids are posting pictures and videos of their burns.

School officials in North Carolina recently sent home letter and posted warnings on Facebook as a way to get parents to talk to their kids about it.

File this under the "what will they think of next" folder.

It's simply not wise to accept challenges that put you or others at risk of injury. Think before you act - and as Kenny Rogers would tell you, "walk away from trouble when you can."

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