It's no secret, if you can do something that most people can't, you make huge money. And nobody proves that point better than country music artists.

If you can sell out shows night after night and sell millions of records, you're going to make money, lots of money.

So who were the top earners in country music over the most recent year and more importantly, how much did they make? Forbes, the world famous American business magazine, came out with the listing of country artists who made the most money.

The ten highest-earning singers in country music all made more than $20 million apiece, and the top-paid star in country music made more than twice that much.

The top five earners are: 5th Place:  Kenny Chesney at $31 million; 4th is Blake Shelton at $32; 3rd is Keith Urban at $35 million; number 2 goes to the Zac Brown Band at $38.5 million and the number one highest-earning country star according to Forbes is Luke Bryan at $42 million.

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