One of the most common things on a personal bucket list is to travel to all 50 states.  If this statement applies to you, how many more states do you have left to explore?

It might be tough to keep track of every state you have visited.   Maploco is one tool you can use to help you visualize where you have traveled in the United States.  It's simple.  You just click the states you have traveled to on the website, and it creates your travel map for you.  This is my map that represents the states I've journeyed to over the years.

Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media
Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media

Just by looking at this map, I have mainly traveled through the Midwest states and the East Coast states.  The biggest journey I have ever experienced is a 2-week trip to Alaska with my family.  That is a vacation I will never forget!  Although I have ventured through a bunch of states, I haven't had the pleasure of staying in all of them.

Click here to see where you have been! Only 33 more states to go!

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