Unrecognizable. That's what that photo is, at least to a generation (or two). The following is a conversation (Is it real? Well, it could be) between an old Grandpa and a young Grand Daughter:

Whatever that is, it's old Grandpa.

Well young one, that is what we used to call a phone.

You mean Smart Phone?

No, unbelievable as it sounds my sweet, there actually was a day when a person, an upright and taking oxygen human being, was smarter than their phone.

Hmmm...what's the round deal?

Well, the round deal is what you dialed if you wanted to call someone.

Dial? Whatever, why didn't you just say the name of the person you wanted to call?

Because honey, if you did that nothing would happen, and you'd feel like an idiot and then the phone would be smarter than you.

Looks like it would sure be heavy to carry around.

Well love, it weighed about 10 pounds, so yeah, it would've been heavy to carry. That's why we just let it set on a shelf in the kitchen.

What if you wanted to make a call from, I dunno, your car?

Oh, that was easy. We just opened the car door, walked to the house, into the kitchen and made the call.

Ugh, so if you were watching a movie on TV and wanted to make a call, you'd have to get up and go to the kitchen??

Nope. You see, we didn't watch movies on TV, we watched them at a Drive-In. And no, don't ask me what a Drive-In is.

What about texting on that 'ol clunker?

No, no texting dear.


No, back there in them days if someone tweeted, everyone moved out of the room.

OK, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Thankfully, Hon, thankfully.

And the tail, why does the phone have a tail?

Ok sweetheart, I have no idea what you're talking about!

That tail Gramps, that little pig tail handing onto it.

Ah, well, I guess you could say phones used to have tails, sweetie, but I suppose through...ah...evolution...they lost their tails. No more tails on phones.

Not phones Grandpa, geez, get with it. They're mobile devices now.

(sigh) OK darlin', but Gramps ain't a mobile device anymore so go to the kitchen and fetch a Grain Belt Longneck...and don't worry about tripping over the telephone cord...I mean, tail.

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