The movie 'It's A Wonderful Life' has been the top choice of audiences for decades during the holiday season.

No matter how many times you've seen it, it's great to watch it again. I does something for your own life. It's a reminder of how important your life really is.

This heartwarming fantasy, one of the most popular films ever made, begins as angels discuss George Bailey (James Stewart), a small-town resident so beset with problems that he contemplates a Christmastime suicide.

In flashback, we review George's life, learning that he has always wanted to leave his hometown to see the world, but that circumstances and his own good heart have kept him in Bedford Falls, sacrificing his own education for his brother's.

Also keeping the family-run savings and loan afloat, protecting the town from the avarice of banker Potter (Lionel Barrymore), marrying his childhood sweetheart (Donna Reed), and raising a family.

I encourage you to watch it. Here's when it's on TV:

Channel    Date & Time
USA-E     Saturday, December 20, 5:00 PM
USA-E     Sunday, December 21, 1:01 AM
NBC        Wednesday, December 24, 8:00 PM
USA-E     Monday, December 29, 9:00 AM

Here's a glimpse of the film:

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