If you were inside The Mall Of America in Minneapolis and saw your child climbing way up near the rafters, you would have to do a story on it too.

Yes, that little 8-year old boy in the red shirt way up there is mine. And I approve of him being up there, as a matter of fact I paid $17 so he could do it.

The major attraction at America's largest mall isn't the stores. It's the kids play area.

Wait a minute, it's not just a play area. It's a fun park, kind of like a miniature Disneyland. Thousands of people enjoy the part of Mall of America known as Nickelodeon Universe.

My family and I were in Minneapolis for a few days and we took in the fun. My favorite was the roller coaster.

My son's favorite was riding the zip line way up four stories above the crowd. And then climbing the obstacle course of high wires and planks. The children are equipped with safety cables of course.

Mark Jr Climbing at Mall of America 12-9-17
Mark Tassler

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