We'd like to think we were hired for our brains, but how you look may be a bigger determination in how far up the ladder you go.

According to a recent survey by the employment agency Office Team, dress codes may have loosened up a bit - but not completely.

The survey results found that 86% of workers still believe your choice of wardrobe affects your chances of being promoted and 80% of managers think that as well.

The one thing that wasn't acceptable years ago and still isn't acceptable today- wearing a tank top to work. That will most likely get you called into the boss' office.

And when it comes to job interviews everyone surveyed was in agreement - you still need to wear classic business attire no matter what position you're interviewing for.

So best to heed the advice your mom or maybe your first boss gave you - don't dress for the job you have but the one you want.

Source: Office Team

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