Did we really get 1.5" of rain Thursday night? In the last two weeks, our total has amounted to almost three inches!

If you're asking yourself how much rain we received last night, let me tell you that it was a good rain. Right at one inch in southwest Sioux Falls. In the southeast part of the city closer to 1.5 inches and further east of the city higher amounts were reported. Add that to last week’s soaker and we’re up to around 3 inches.

The storm that passed through Thursday brought high winds and some reports of hail too trekking through Southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa.

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If you had severe weather in your area last night the National Weather Service would like to know if you observed strong winds, large hail, flash flooding or any damage.

You may have left the first night of the Sioux Empire Fair as the storms forced a shutdown just before 10:00 PM Thursday and also canceled the Grandstand show featuring Old Dominion.

What's ahead of us? According to the Dakota News Now First Alert Weather Center, another round of showers and thunderstorms will move through the area tonight and Saturday afternoon.

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