We found the neighbor issue to be quite interesting. Enough so that we were inclined to do a story on it.

Next to your family and health, your home is most likely the biggest thing in your life. No matter how nice your house is or how beautiful your yard is, if the people living next to you are a problem, it's no fun living there.

We recently opened up conversation on a radio show on neighbors. We asked the question, 'what would you like to say to your neighbor?'

Oh' boy, it was like opening a can of worms. We had all kinds of calls.

One man said, 'They need to grow up,' another said, 'Shut that dog up,' and another said, 'Pick up your leaves.'

On the flip side, one woman says, 'Thanks for helping me with cleaning my snow, I wish you would take my money!' Another man said to his new neighbor, 'Thanks for moving in.'

Gaylyn Huber of the Sioux Falls Street Department heard what was going on and said to his neighbor on the radio, 'Now that the weather's getting nice, come over so we can plan a BBQ.'

One man simply said to his neighbor, 'Speak.' He explained that it bothered him that his neighbor won't talk to him.

For me personally, the Bigner family next door has given me and my family very pleasurable surroundings for many years.

The best way to get someone to do what you would like, is to tell them. Don't expect anyone to read your mind.

As you think about what you would like to say to your neighbor, ask yourself what he would like to say to you!

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