I have to admit, I'm not too fired up to vote for any of the options for President of the United States this election year. Reason Number One, leadership.

Sorry, I just don't see a lot of potential here. Not-At-All.

So, it got me wondering: what NFL head coach, past or present, would make a great president for the United States? There are many who would make great leaders.

Think about it. They can lead. They can motivate. They can deal with all sorts of personalities. Most are good during pressure situations. Some can get grown men to run through a brick wall and want to do it over and over again. Imagine, the game clock is running down, who do you like? Who would you like, headset on, riding in the plane with the red phone brief case beside him?

Some NFL head coaches, are very 'presidential looking.'  Washington Redskins George Allen or Joe Gibbs come to mind. Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant could stare a hole through a brick wall and still talk goose hunting with the press on Air Force One. He would also have us all wearing black shoes and no jackets in the wintertime for the northern tier of states. Former Ravens Coach Brian Billick strikes me as someone who could come up with a game plan to fix the economy in a pinch and look the part as well.

Now, there are some that can lead and can coach, but might not fit the Presidential part, and that's all right. In fact their demeanor somewhat  resembles one of the current candidates. Mike Ditka, Rex Ryan and John Madden come to mind. Doesn't mean they can't lead, they just lead differently.

Some of these guys are hyper smart with a kind, father-like demeanor. Coaches like Chuck Pagano. Some even look like they'd make great politicians. Seattle head coach Pete Carrol could put on a suit and give a speech today that would have most people switching political party's or thinking it's OK to just forget social security. Oakland's Jack Del Rio also comes to mind.

San Francisco has had several who would easily qualify. Bill Walsh, Steve Mariucci, and Jim Harbaugh could all tell you they were gonna raise taxes and you would swallow hard and say, "let's get busy and do it." Tom Landry of the Cowboys would look awesome giving a speech with those funky clear teleprompters on each side. He'd look even cooler if he wore that cool cap while doing it.

And can you imagine a State of the Union Address from Vince Lombardi!? Or John Gruden breaking down the situation in the Middle East like he's explaining game film to a quarterback?

Then, there are the quiet cerebral types like Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Viking fans might wonder where I would put head coach Zimmer.  If he wasn't President I'd put current the Vikings head coach in for Secretary of Defense. Give him a decent budget and imagine the armed forces he would line up.

So, who would it be? Who would you want? Not for their political beliefs, but for their ability to get people to sing from the same hymnal. I'm a baby boomer and I'm not sure I've seen one in my lifetime. You know a leader that everybody seemed to love and would follow and could believe in and support. Who would you like?

By the way, if you are wondering my choice would hands down be Tony Dungy. If you've read his book UNcommon and have ever watched him speak, or coach you would know what I mean.

Now, let's go out and get 'em.  USA-USA-USA!

JD Collins likes to sit in his office and daydream about things that would be cool, but will never be. If you would like to email him with story ideas or your views you can reach him at jdcollins@kikn.com



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