Mayor Mike Huether revealed that before The President chose to visit Watertown, Huether was already in contact to see if he'd come to Sioux Falls.  Is there a chance the President may also stop in Sioux Falls?  Huether continues to reach out to President Obama’s staff:

As they’ve stated to me, there’s no promises either.  I was trying to get the president to come to Sioux Falls before his announcement to come to Watertown and I would still encourage him to make a stop in Sioux Falls before he’s done with his term as President.  If he wants to see truly what a boom town looks like, a city with a bevy of jobs available everywhere, the best functioning city government in all of America,  I’d encourage President Obama, or any presidential candidate whether Republican or Democrat, to come see Sioux Falls, because we know what the heck we’re doing here.


The president is currently scheduled to speak at commencement services at Lake Area Tech on May 8th in Watertown.

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