The $1,200 made it. Into my account I mean.

Hopefully, you got yours, too. Depending on who you are and how big your family is, it might be $1,200, $2,400 or maybe more if you have the rugrats tearing around the house.

So now comes a question, in a world that seems to be filled with questions these days. What to do with it?

Everyone is unique, of course, especially in these unusual times. Unfortunately, 'laid off', 'furloughed', 'unemployed', 'downsized'...these are words and phrases that many of us have been introduced to. That stimulus check may pay rent or mortgage payment, maybe food, maybe medicine, maybe something(s) equally important.

For me, a significant part of it will usher me a little further into the 21st century.

I'll make an admission here. It's going to seem unbelievable to many of you, in fact, most of you. Gulp, here we go...

I don't have a laptop computer. In fact, I don't have a computer at home at all.

Whew, there...that felt good to get it out there. And please, no snickering about whether the old bald wrinkled guy has a color TV. I've decided it's not a passing fad and got one a few years ago.

Anyway, back to the proposed laptop purchase.

I know next to nothing about it, of course. So, being smart enough to know how dumb I am, I've talked to my son Jeremy and my friend Engineer Jon. After consulting them (they may refer to it as bugging them), I heard a whole bunch of new words and numbers, all of which may as well have been spoken in Venutian. So it's come down to this.

I wrote those words and numbers on a small sheet of paper with a No. 2 lead pencil and will be purchasing a laptop computer. I'll purchase it from someone local because now more than ever I want to spread some bucks around the local economy. Then, I will consult (OK, bug) my son and Engineer Jon to get the....uh...stuff I need on it.

And there is one question I have for them that, so far, I've been afraid to ask.

'Will I be able to play Solitaire on it?'

I'll try to keep you abreast on how this technological experiment progresses.

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