I'm sure most South Dakota teachers can relate to this video. For that matter, I'm pretty sure all teachers can identify with this Santa.

Santa Claus is reading letters as if they were written to him in the North Pole in the spirit of the communications that many of our amazing teachers have to deal with daily.

In the youtube video, Kris Kringle reads the following letter as we Treated Santa the Way We Treat Teachers...

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Dear Santa, ... I know you might be a little busy around this time of year but please prepare all of Johnny's toys and drop them off at the house a little early this year. We're going out of town for the holidays and I don't want him to miss out on anything. Thanks.

Hey Santa, ... Must be nice having 11 months of vacation every year.

Alright, Santa, ... It's December and I know you have a few million boys and girls to bring the miracle of Christmas to. And we appreciate your dedication. However, due to budget cuts, Elf Support won't be available this year. And you're going to have to provide your own tools to make the toys...oh, and Rudolph is sick but unfortunately, we don't have any substitute reindeer so you'll be flying without your lead reindeer on the 24th. I understand this adds a lot of additional stress but please make sure and take care of yourself so you don't burn out before Christmas. Keep up the great work and remember: we're in it of the kids!

Dear Santa, ... I know I've been naughty all year ripping bathroom sings off walls and stealing school property for social media clout but Christmas is in a couple of days so is there anything I can do to make up for it and get switched over to the 'Nice List'!?

Hey Santa, ... because you did such a great job last year, we've decided to add a few thousand more children to your delivery list this year. We might, however, need to move you into a smaller sleigh. But I'm sure you'll figure out how to fit all the gifts inside safely.

Oh, you're Santa Clause? ... So you just eat millions of cookies and play with toys everyday? Sounds like a dream job!

Hey Santa, ... Head Elf, Mr. Cane here. I'm going to need to see you in my office at the end of the day. I just got an angry email from a parent.

Dear Santa, ... due to the current situation some parents have opted out of home entry this year and have decided to do a virtual Christmas. So we need to pivot. No worries, we've figured out a solution. We've installed a computer on your sleigh with Windows 95 and spotty internet connection, for you to show 30% of the children their gifts through Zoom while you deliver the other 70% of the children their presents under the tree, all at the same time. Sounds like double the work but you're a superhero, you've got this.

Dear Mr. Claus, ... after our annual performance evaluation, the data showed that the elves scored significantly lower on the Standardized Elf Exam this year. So we regret to inform you that your salary, unfortunately, needs to be reduced from 30,000 to 25,000 candy canes next year.

Dear Santa, ... have you considered making Christmas a little more engaging this year? I mean, how hard can it be to deliver gifts one night of the year? I used to deliver the newspapers as a kid so I know exactly what it's like to be Santa.

Hello Mr. Claus, ... This is Grayson's mom. I'm going to need you to swap Grayson over to the nice list before I give the North Pole District Board of Trustees a call and let them know you're bullying my child.


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