Before long your college-bound kids will be leaving. Are they prepared?

As a young adult jumping into the college life or returning to it should be an exciting milestone and as AAA South Dakota points out moving away from home is part of the process.

What should both parents and students know? A couple of things.

Before heading off to school review your insurance policy and make a plan for car maintenance.

A Consumer Reports article says that dorm rooms can be a hot spot for thieves.  Two roommates could have as much as $6,000 worth of electronics alone – laptops, tablets, and smartphones and gaming systems – as well as other items of value in their small living space.

“College students living away from home should know they may have limited coverage under their parents’ insurance policies,” said Rob Grant, Insurance Manager for AAA South Dakota. “Before leaving for college, students should check to see what risks and liabilities are covered.”

In addition to reviewing insurance coverage students heading to college should also address the important subject of vehicle maintenance and repair.

Discuss a plan for proper vehicle maintenance as well as how to deal with unexpected problems.

  • Check and maintain tires
  • Know the vehicle’s maintenance schedule
  • Find a repair facility near college
  • Prepare for roadside emergencies

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