Pick your favorite meat, marinade, season, rub, brine and head to the grill.

There won't be many who leave their backyard cooking appliance covered up this weekend. Including me. My choice will be the smoker. A very simple, inexpensive and cheaply made model. Ok truth be told it was a gift and it works just fine.

On Saturday a 9.5 pound Boston Butt will hit the heat at about 4:30 AM. You may be familiar with that cut of pork. It's the one you see on all these BBQ cooking competitions that result in a nice layer of bark and then pulled apart. At least that's what my plan is.

Slow and low is the rule. After using this smoker for several years the temp sits around 210 degrees.

I once did a 23 pound turkey that went 15 hours. It gushed with gobble-juice and we were eating turkey for months.

So if you plan to impress your guests and make the neighbors drool the one rule I strongly recommend is PREPARATION.

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