While white still remains the most popular car color in the world, the overall use of color is on the rise, according to recent industry statistics.

According to PPG’s annual color-popularity report, shades seem to be the most sought-after finishes globally with silver, black and gray representing the second-, third- and fourth-leading car colors, respectively. However, for those who insist on an actual color, red is the most popular.

At this year’s Automotive Color Trade Show, which serves as an industry marker in predicting color trends for everything from cars and trucks to laptop computers and heavy equipment, PPG announced 64 new hues for manufactures to consider for their 2015-16 models. Those colors included: Al Fresco, a silver metallic with fresh green tint; and Victoria Grey, a classic gray with an iridescent highlight of gold metal.

It is anybody’s guess as to which colors will be the most popular by the year 2016, but we have a sneaking suspicion that they will not stray far from the leaders on this year’s list.

The World's Most Popular Car Colors

  1. white, 22 percent
  2. silver, 20 percent
  3. black, 19 percent
  4. gray, 12 percent
  5. red, 9 percent
  6. natural, 8 percent
  7. blue, 7 percent
  8. green, 2 percent
  9. other, 1 percent