It's always exciting when my family and friends visit me in Sioux Falls.  It's even better when there are multiple surprises in the mix.  This was definitely one of those times!

I have known my friend Brandon since I transferred to Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Ilinois in my senior year.   Brandon had graduated a few semesters ahead of me and immediately secured a position in the university’s media/promotions department.  We actually met one night through mutual friends.  I recognized him from previous SXU events and videos.  We have remained friends to this day in spite of the fact that we reside in different states.  About a month ago, I finally convinced him to visit the Sioux Empire!  I gave Brandon the best Sioux Falls experience ever in lightning speed which included a night with Tanya Tucker!

Brandon had no idea that I was taking him to a concert when he landed on Thursday night.  Since I knew when he was coming to town, I had to put forth my best effort to keep this secret from him. Brandon's face lit up like a Christmas tree when he figured out what was happening.  It was one of the best surprises I have ever successfully engineered.  I love showing people what I do which is why this night was even better.  Brandon saw a small glimpse of some of my other responsibilities outside of the KXRB Morning Show.

As if the night couldn't get any better, I took Brandon to one of my favorite restaurants in town: Vinyl Taco!  Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere brings the entire experience together.  Plus, I knew he would appreciate the music that makes Vinyl Taco so unique.

Thursday night was only the beginning.  Of course, I had to showcase Falls Park on Friday!  I like to think of the Falls as the heart of the city.  They're just so peaceful.  We also made a quick stop at St. Joseph's Cathedral.  The Falls and the Cathedral provide the very essence of  Sioux Falls.  You can't have one without the other.  You just know you're home when you see the two pillars in the sky.

Brandon's trip to Sioux Falls wouldn't be complete without meeting my best friend Miranda!  Seeing them interact together was like watching my worlds collide.  It just made me feel so good to see my friends become friends!

I think Brandon was totally exhausted after his quick trip to the Sioux Empire!  This was his first visit to the state of South Dakota, and I am happy to report that he loved it!  I can't wait to have more of my hometown friends visit the 605!

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