Every year Dairy Queen adds new cool stuff to their menu. I recently was treated to a tour and taste testing of this spring's new menu additions at the Sioux Falls Dairy Queen Grill and Chill at 57th & Western Ave.

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DQ General Manager & Operating Partner Shawn Beck was my gracious host for the tour and tasting. He prepared six new Blizzards and other delightful stuff for us to try. Shawn is now my favorite person on the planet.

I enlisted the help of some of my Results Radio pals to help test drive the DQ tasty treats. The new Blizzards we tossed down included the Girl Scout Thin Mint, Brownie Batter, Frosted Animal Cookie, Raspberry Fudge Bliss, Cotton Candy, and Drum Stick Blizzard.

Here is what everyone had to say...

Jeff Thurn / ESPN 99.1: (Cotton Candy Blizzard) Super bomb! I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Jerry Palleschi / ESPN 99.1: In a combination that I would never dream or imagine, the frosted animal cookie blizzard from Dairy Queen has multiple flavors that blast into your mouth like a free-roaming cheetah. The sweetness is as strong as a gorilla and sure to fix any sweet craving a person may have. Overall, consider this like seeing monkeys flying around at the zoo...a great experience!

Karla Brown / Production & Continuity Manager Results Radio: The Drumstick Blizzard is now my new favorite flavor of Blizzard! The crunchy bits of sugar cone is the key!

Taneil Johnson / Digital Managing Editor Results Radio: (Girl Scout Thin Mint) Tastes really good! You can really taste the mint!

Beth Saulsberry / Traffic Coordinator Results Radio: (Brownie Blizzard) Mmmm brownie! It's chocolate! I love it! I give it a 10!

Patty Dee / “Ben & Patty Show Goddess” 97.3 KKRC: Raspberry fudge blizzard is fruity and chocolatey the perfect combo of yummy & really yummy! The Mango Tropical Misty Twisty was just like popsicles your mom used to make in the summertime, sweet, tart & satisfying!

Ben Davis / Patty's Lackey..."Ben & Patty Show” 97.3 KKRC: I sampled two new items including the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone which was indeed a heavenly delight! It combines Dairy Queen's vanilla soft serve with the tangy sweetness of an orange outer shell. It was Orange-a-rific!

I chased my cone down with some Bacon Queso Topped Fries. They are a yummy fry experience! You get delicious DQ fries topped with Creamy Queso Cheese Sauce and Crispy Bacon Bits. Giddy Yup!

A big THANK YOU to Shawn and his staff at 57th & Western DQ Grill & Chill! They are not only a gracious group they take good care of you while having a lot of fun!

Shawn mentioned that if you are looking for a great gig they are hiring full, part-time, and summer help. Get more info at Fourteen Foods. Might just be the yummiest job ever!?

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