It's been an unusually warm January, and while it may seem that rivers and lakes are frozen solid, looks can be deceiving. A Wisconsin woman found that out the hard way on Thursday. Luckily police arrived on the scene in time to save both the woman and her dog.

In the video, an officer's bodycam records the harrowing feat that took place, as he pulls his car up to the Mississippi River, grabs his gear, and rushes to the scene.

Police in the town of Prairie du Chien responded to a call that a woman had fallen through the ice around 1:30 pm and immediately rushed to the area the caller said the incident occurred.

With her head dropping below water, the officers went into rescue mode; a situation they had clearly trained for several times. One officer held the rope, while another jumped in the icy cold river in an attempt to save the woman.

Once the officer is in the water, you can hear the woman explain to him with what little breath she has left, that her dog is also in the river. Soon after, the officer safely is able to rescue both the woman and her dog.

My favorite part? The dog running around, wagging its tail at the end of the video.

Watch the full rescue below.


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