If you had just two minutes to explain the city of Sioux Falls to someone who's never visited, what would you say? That's exactly what this YouTube clip attempts to accomplish.

In the video, the narrator gets plenty right about South Dakota's largest city, but also a few things wrong, including how to pronounce a word that is commonplace to anyone who lives in the area.

To start things off, the video is well-produced and highlights some of Sioux Falls' best features, including Falls Park. She goes on to explain how the falls were created over 14,000 years ago, during the last ice age on the North American Continent.

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The video goes on to describe the area's first indigenous inhabitants (11 native tribes) and how a number of their ancestors still call the Sioux Empire home to this very day.

There's a lot to like about this video, but the most glaring inaccuracy is the pronunciation of Sioux Falls itself. The narrator pronounces it "So-Falls" a number of times, and even refers to our main water source as the "Big So River".

While this part is distracting, it can be forgiven, since the video as a whole is top-notch and it's probably safe to say the narrator has never been to our fine city.

Either way, it's definitely worth a watch. You can see the full two-minute video from Travel Overlooked in the YouTube clip below.

Story Source: Travel Overlooked via YouTube

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