bcbigthree via You Tube

There just aren't enough things to go to that's fun for the whole family anymore. But one show is still tops, and that's the circus.

Every year we go to the Shrine Circus when it's in town. It's always a great show for the whole family.

When my wife is grinning ear to ear, my son is pointing and laughing with big eyes and I'm loving it, I know we came to the right place.

With a total of nine performances Thursday thru Sunday both afternoons and evenings, everybody's schedule should be accommodated.

We chose the Thursday evening show. The circus for 2015 is outstanding from start to finish. Even intermission was great because we went down for a camel ride before a hot dog.

The climax of the show is watching the breath taking stunt by David Smith, Jr. He is known around the world as "The Human Cannonball".

Watch this: