It wasn't that long ago when people were freaking out about murder hornets in the Sioux Empire. Now there is another menacing hornet that's making its way to the state of South Dakota.

The yellow-legged hornet (also known as the Vespa velutina) is an invasive species that is native to Southeast Asia. However, these pesky insects have been "accidentally" introduced to Europe, Korea, and Japan. For the first time, the yellow-legged hornet has been seen in the United States. A beekeeper from Georgia noticed the insect on his property.

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Multiple reports from KTVQ in Montana and CNN are reporting the yellow-legged hornets can pose a "huge threat to honeybees and pollinators." The Georgia Department of Agriculture explains in a press release if the yellow-legged hornet were "to establish in the US, this invasive species could threaten honey production and Georgia’s native pollinators." These threatening insects literally hunt for honeybees. For the state of Georgia, pollinators play a huge role in the state's agriculture industry as one of the main economic drivers.

This hornet can not only seriously injure pets and people, but it also spits a liquid at human faces. This liquid can cause eye pain and results in symptoms consistent with conjunctivitis. How rude is that?!

So will South Dakota residents soon see the yellow-legged hornets in their backyards? As of now, states like Georgia and South Carolina are monitoring the situation. But never say never with these nasty insects. Georgia Department of Agriculture is actually asking for the public's help to report any other yellow-legged hornets in their area.

If these bugs populate, this is going to cause a huge issue for honey producers and farmers across the country. Be careful if you come across the yellow-legged hornet.  Approach with caution. You never know when this bug is going to spit!

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