It was a special day for my daughter's horse Daisy. After a month of being quarantined, her stall door was opened, a halter put on, and freedom was found through an open gate to the pasture.

Backtracking to a month ago our trainer Kris Ouattara noticed a lump in Daisy's throat, a likely sign of strangles, a disease easily spread among young horses which can develop into large open sores that can fatal if untreated.

The keen knowledge of our trainer led to a call to our vet to discuss the situation and the decision to quarantine Daisy was made. Thankfully, the lump receded on its own and due to the strict guidelines followed by my daughter, no other horses at the stables caught the disease.

After the stress and extra work my daughter took on in the past month, it was refreshing to see a smile on Jenna's face as Daisy was led to a gate to meet up with the others horses to run through open land.

Being around horses can often teach me lessons about my own life.  What things in life are holding me back and not allowing me to run free, just like Daisy?  What proverbial gates are shut in my life right now?  Who is holding those doors shut?  I'd say the gatekeeper is me.

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