I have to share this video with you. If you are a fan of Hank Jr., this is a must watch.

We are going back to when Hank Jr. had climbed out of the role of keeping his dead father's music alive, and formed his own successful music path.

The year on this is 1982. He was no longer a Hank Williams Sr. impersonator.

In the mid 1970's, he went his way with the music. At first, it was doing it at shows of a thousand people in the audience, where 800 would get up and leave and 200 stayed.

Hank Jr. never backed up. He stuck to his guns. He continued to take his music in the direction his heart told him to. That direction made him a superstar.

I am a big fan of Hank Jr. and I was a fan of David Letterman. So I'm happy to have this for us to watch:

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