You probably heard that some young lady was going to get married to Charles Manson. I had the same question as you, why on earth would someone want to do that?

Is she completely off her rocker? The answer is no, she's actually very smart. Maybe too smart for her own good.

It was all a scam.

Convicted murderer Charles Manson's bride-to-be was reportedly using him for his body. Now, journalist Daniel Simone, the author of a new book about the killer, told the New York Post that Manson's fiance had a plan to put Manson's corpse on display.

Along with friend Craig Hammond, Burton reportedly wanted to display Manson's body in a glass crypt. The goal was apparently for the attraction to rake in a ton of money.

Creepy plan, yes, but the law in California, where Manson is incarcerated, grants spousal ownership of remains. Manson realizes he was played for a fool.

Well, as it turns out, the wedding is off anyway. Manson says he never wanted to get married to her in the first place.

Watch this video of Manson's grandson talking about the wedding prior to all of this coming out:

Sources: New York Post, Huffington Post

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