South Dakota is well known for its lack of traffic compared to other states in the country. Even its biggest cities (Sioux Falls, Rapid City) so-called "traffic jams" are nothing compared elsewhere. The fact that we don't have actual cars in our traffic jams, doesn't mean they don't exist. Here are ten of South Dakota's best traffic jams.

Bison Jam: If you've been sightseeing at any South Dakota state park you've probably run into this one.

Antelope Jam: They seem completely oblivious the car's even there!

Bison Jam Pt. II: A few more bison in this video from Custer State Park.

Train Jam: These can be tedious, especially if the train stops, then starts moving in the opposite direction.

Cow Jam: These cows look upset/annoyed that they may have to move.

Cattle Jam: More cows, except these, look more obedient.

Burrow Jam: If you've been to Custer State Park, you've probably experienced this.

Combine Jam: Who can't relate to this one?

Windmill Traffic Jam: Wind turbine stuck in the middle of the highway? Sure, sounds like South Dakota to me!


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