With the recent data breach collecting Blue Cross Blue Shield information, what should you do if you think your information was obtained?

Jesse Schmidt from the Sioux Falls Better Business Bureau has advice and describes what was taken:

They got Date of births dates, social security numbers, anything that can be used to create a false identity and that's what’s so frightening about this breach over some of the others.

If you think you've had your information stolen in this Blue Cross Blue Shield breach, you can take steps to protect yourself:

You may want to put a freeze on your credit report.  It really doesn't change anything existing for you but it will not allow new credit to be taken out under your name and credit information.

With fraud cases on the rise, a few steps each month can help:

Watch those monthly credit card statements, watch your checking/banking statements, watch your investment statements. Just probably taking 15 minutes a month to make some inquiries or take a look at some statements can really save you a big headache in the future.

You can find more assistance from the Better Business Bureau of Sioux Falls.

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