It seems that everywhere you turn there is a new diet to try, a product to sample or a pill to take - all with the goal of helping you lose weight. But according to researchers at Harvard University, when it comes to lowering the numbers on the bathroom scale, you may not have to go any further than your kitchen sink. Harvard University researchers have recently completed one of the longest studies on the weight loss benefits of simply drinking water.

The 20-year study followed 125,000 adults in the United States, all in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Tracking the food and beverage intake of these adults, researchers found that by simply replacing one can of soda with a glass of water every day, the middle-age adults weighed about seven pounds less than those that chose the soda beverage instead of water.

So it's only common sense that the study also proved the more water they drank, instead of sugary juices, soda or even milk, the less weight was gained overall.

However, those that participated in the study and chose to drink the sugar-sweetened drinks actually continued to gain 3.3 pounds every four years.

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