I guess we knew it was going to happen. First we start having Santa's Christmas presents delivered to our doorsteps. Now we'll be able to have the actual Christmas Tree dropped off by the mailman.

CNBC is reporting that Amazon will be offering full size, fresh cut, Christmas trees delievered to you. You however are still going to have to set it up yourself.

You can get whatever size tree you'd like and choose from Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines. The trees are shipped without water and are sent to your place within 10 days of being chopped down.

If you are wondering about pricing it looks like a 7 footer from a farm in North Carolina will cost about $115. Amazon will also offer fresh wreaths for $50.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you may get some extra love of shipping pricing. My question is how the heck are these going to fit in the UPS trucks and how will the UPS drivers feel about having to lug these up to your porch?

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