When this 20" walleye was pulled out of an icy Lake Reetz, angler Mike Lorz and his fishing buddies immediately knew something wasn't right. Most of this fish was quite normal - then there's the misshapen head thing.
The jaw protrudes, the front teeth seem to be missing, and if Darwin were here he'd swear it would someday evolve into a unicorn - or unifish.
When I pulled it out of the hole I said, 'I don't know what the hell that is." - angler Mike Lorz
Before releasing the fish back into the lake, Lorz snapped a photo of it to show his friends, but not before gaining some attention at the GFP.
Not a 100 percent sure of what may be going on with this fish, but I would say that it either had a birth defect or was injured early in life. - South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks fisheries biologist Brian Blackwell
While this homely swimmer has no need to fill out an application for the Miss Walleye 2015 pageant, at least it was unique enough to garner plenty of comments on Fargo's KFGO Facebook page, many of whom said they have seen similar fish in the same area.
source: KFGO Radio

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