The Sioux Falls VA Medical Center is honoring a retiree after 32 years of service.  Maxine Schaaf retires after a fulfilling career at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"I started here as a new LPN graduate in 1985, and then through the VA scholarship programs that they have I was able to get my two year RN degree, and then I became the UN President here about 12 years ago," said Schaaf.

Over the years, one of the successes Schaaf has seen is the efficiency and quality of care, shortening a patient’s stay to a fraction of time compared to decades ago.

Maxine Schaaf (by permission)
Maxine Schaaf (Used with Permission)

Looking back, Schaaf says helping the launch the first of many Stand Down events in Sioux Falls, offering free items and services for Veterans was a highlight in her career. She recalls helping to coordinate a tent city of services across the field that is now Drake Springs field.  She gathered with other volunteers at the top of the hill and looked across the expanse of Veterans and those to serve them.

"We had clothes we could give away and different services. That was a pretty amazing feat to bring everyone together and to getting all of it organized, so that was one of the big 'wow's' in my career."

Schaaf says those just starting in the medical career should consider the VA, in light of the extra educational opportunities available to progress in a career.

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