Hoverboards, they are currently one of the most sought after fad gadgets on the market right now. They also happen to be one of the most controversial too, for a number of different reasons, one being their risk of catching fire.

Stephen Lee Nott, recently purchased a hoverboard on Ebay that burst into flames within minutes of him trying it out for the first time.

That is just one of reasons the University of South Dakota is spooked about the self-balancing scooters, so much so, that on Thursday, they prohibited all hoverboards from every residence hall on campus in response to federal safety concerns about fire danger.

Students already were banned from riding hoverboards in residence halls out of noise and safety concerns.

An email went out Thursday to students who live in USD residence halls after consultation by university officials responsible for buildings and safety. That according to associate dean of student services, John Howe.

Howe said, more than 30 universities nationwide have banned hoverboards because the batteries can overheat and start fires. Howe estimates that only a handful of hoverboards are present on campus, and USD has had no reported incidents of overheating or fires.

Regardless, “It’s not a risk that we’re wanting to take,” Howe said.

Currently the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the fire risk danger.

Source: KDLT TV

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