One of the beautiful aspects of baseball is that every field is different. Then there are some that are so far out-of-this-world that it's hard to believe.


It has been a tough couple of weeks knowing that baseball season was all set to start and now the summer classic is on hold with everything going on in the world. Instead of indulging in peanuts, cracker jacks, beer, and social interaction at the ballpark, we're all sitting back waiting for all of that to return one day.

That doesn't make the baseball mind completely stop. A Twitter thread on Sunday caught my attention. We all know that baseball fields are unique and that's part of the charm. From the Green Monster in Boston to the ivy in Chicago, MLB stadiums across the country have something that makes them stand out.

But what about smaller fields across the United States? Turns out there are some really weird ones out there.

It didn't take long for some local baseball players to start talking about some of the crazy ballparks they have played on across the upper midwest. Check out some of these.

Any others from around here that we should know about? I can guarantee you that I wouldn't want to play left field in Wakefield, or right field in Brookings/Union Hill.

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