Hershel and Missy want to move to Sioux Falls the first week in June. There's just one problem: they need to find a home.

By the way, I should probably mention that Hershel and Missy are two pit bull terriers on their way to Sioux Falls from Georgia.

KDLT News is reporting the two dogs are coming from a shelter in Hazelhurst, Georgia with an overpopulation of pit bulls and not enough people willing to adopt.

The Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is set to transport both big sweeties to Sioux Falls, but, before Hershel and Missy can make the trek, they must first have foster families lined up here in the Sioux Empire.

Brittany Snyders with the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue told KDLT News:

"Hershel and Missy have been at the Georgia shelter for a little while, and they’re wonderful dogs, but there’s very little space in this shelter, and if we cant get them transported here on June 7th, they will likely be euthanized.”

If you would be interested in saving their lives, by giving Hershel and Missy a forever home, get more information on fostering and the adoption process here.

Source: KDLT TV

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